Meet Sarah

So you’re checking me out, eh?

I’m an award-winning internet marketer, broadcaster and lover of the mysteries of life. I’m blessed to live in a beautiful community where the views are breath-taking. I’ve been reading books on hypnosis, mindfulness and watching endless TED-talks and as I read, I kept wanting to ask the author or presenter questions. Hall Communications (a wonderful haven for broadcasters,) graciously gave me the space I needed to create Self Talk Radio Show. I hope I ask all the questions you’d like to hear answered. I hope guests feel heard and I hope you’ll continue to listen. Thank you for giving me space in your busy day to join the conversation.

Sarah not only asks the right questions, she listens & digs for the right answer.
Dr. Steve Taubman
Author, "Unhypnosis"
Just the show I need-thanks for a REAL conversation
Jackie L
Boston, MA
If you’d like to be a guest on Self Talk Radio Show, I’d love to hear from you! Call me 802-324-3607 or you can shoot me an email with the form below:
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