Valerie Pallotta 195Pxx243

Post Traumatic Stress & Josh's House

Episode No: 13
Guest Name: Valerie Palotta
Episode Airdate: July 1st 2016

Josh's House is a safe haven being developed in memory of Josh Palotta by his mother, Valerie Palotta to serve as a haven for alternate therapies to help veterans and others who suffer with PTS.

Amytodisco 195Pxx243

Horse Talk - Your Turning Point Coaching

Episode No: 12
Guest Name: Amy Todisco
Episode Airdate: June 6th 2016

Amy combines mindfulness with healthy living and communication skills using the gifts from the garden to the horse’s mouth.

Nathaliekelly 195Pxx243

The TBI Coach

Episode No: 11
Guest Name: Nathalie Kelly
Episode Airdate: June 16th 2016

A sudden sailing accident left Nathalie Kelly with a serious brain injury. She now helps others with Traumatic Brain Injury get the help they need.

Erinkrilivsky 195Pxx243

Bikram Yoga - Sweatin' it Out

Episode No: 10
Guest Name: Erin Krilivsky
Episode Airdate: June 3rd 2016

Erin Krilivsky, founder of Bikram Yoga Williston shares how a hot room, 26 poses & mirrors can change your life.

Morelladevost 195Pxx243

Mending the Heart

Episode No: 9
Guest Name: Morella Devost
Episode Airdate: May 24th 2016

Do you have: Long-standing hurts from a particular memory or relationship. Sense that past hurts may be affecting your health. Done therapy or self-help but you’re still not where you want to be? Then Morella Devost's episode is the one for you.

Billatkinson 195Pxx243

Navy SEAL Mindset

Episode No: 8
Guest Name: Bill Atkinson
Episode Airdate: April 15th 2016

Wonder how Navy SEALs keep their cool under pressure? Bill Atkinson, a Special Opps Mentor/Trainer and CEO/Founder of EleMental Edge Training, shares some tips and tricks to change your mind from a fearful stance to one of empowerment.

Wendifriesen 195Pxx243

The Addiction Project

Episode No: 7
Guest Name: Wendi Friesen
Episode Airdate: April 15th 2016

An alternative to the 12-step program through hypnosis.

Annerossi 195Pxx243

Why Mindfulness isn't in the Classroom

Episode No: 6
Guest Name: Anne Marie Rossi
Episode Airdate: May 8th 2016

Could mindfulness ease the symptoms of ADHD? Researcher Anne Marie Rossi says yes. Take a listen to her story and how mindfulness could help focus your child.

Erinsepic 195Pxx243

Baby Body Talk: Synergic Health

Episode No: 5
Guest Name: Dr. Erin Sepic
Episode Airdate: April 11th 2016

Dr. Erin Sepic of Synergic Health discusses how chiropractic can help even days old infants, toddlers and why some parents affectionately call her "Dr. Poop."

Sam Black 195Pxx243

The REAL Ghostbuster

Episode No: 4
Guest Name: Sam Black
Episode Airdate: March 25th 2016

A tragic car accident with an ironic twist left her rethinking her life and focusing on forgiveness.As a Certified Psychic Medium, Sam helps others move spirits from homes (and hearts…) Founder of Grounded Roots Wellness, welcome Sam Black: Self Talk Radio