Scottmcgivern 195Pxx243

Coffee with a Cop

Episode No: 42
Guest Name: Lt. Scott McGivern
Episode Airdate: November 13th 2017

Lt. Scott McGivern is a death investigator visiting families on the worst day of their lives to ask difficult questions surrounding the death of their loved one. He shares how Coffee with a Cop connects cops with community in unexpected, positive ways.

Jim Klopman 195Pxx243

Balance IS Power

Episode No: 41
Guest Name: Jim Klopman
Episode Airdate: November 5th 2017

The number 1 cause of emergency room visits for people over 45 is something we don't even notice until it's too late - the loss of our balance. Author Jim Klopman explores how balance helps maintain athletic and mental agility.

Charliehoehn 195Pxx243

What Triggers Mass Shootings?

Episode No: 40
Guest Name: Charlie Hoehn
Episode Airdate: October 18th 2017

Could the chronic loneliness of men in the US and lack of connection contribute to mass shootings and violence? Charlie Hoehn, author of Play it Away: A Workaholics Cure for Anxiety explores how play eases loneliness and encourages connection.

Debrameehl 195Pxx243

Radical Acceptance

Episode No: 39
Guest Name: Dr. Debra Meehl
Episode Airdate: October 7th 2017

After tragedies such as the mass shootings, wildfires, and hurricanes, it's easy to feel lost and out of control. My guest, Dr. Debra Meehl, author of "Joyful Transformation" shares how radical acceptance can move you through times of great loss.

Timpollard 195Pxx243

The Compelling Communicator

Episode No: 38
Guest Name: Tim Pollard
Episode Airdate: September 25th 2017

Why do people present so poorly? Tim Pollard, author of "The Compelling Communicator" outlines the essentials to making your ideas stick in presentations..

Joan Markwell 195Pxx243

Softening the Grief

Episode No: 37
Guest Name: Joan Markwell
Episode Airdate: August 27th 2017

Not sure what to say to a mother who has lost her child? Joan Markwell, co-author of "Softening the Grief: What to Say and Do to Help a Bereaved Mother," helps us learn the right things to say and DO to help a grieving mother.

Bernie and Polly 195Pxx243

Lost Sea Expedition

Episode No: 36
Guest Name: Bernie Harberts
Episode Airdate: August 7th 2017

A Man, A Mule & A Mission: Bernie Harberts has done what many of us wish we could do - slowed down long enough to observe a sped-up world from the vantage point of a 21 square foot solar-powered wagon pulled by his mule, Polly.

Donnahoffmeyer 195Pxx243

Warrior to Patriot Citizen

Episode No: 35
Guest Name: Donna Hoffmeyer
Episode Airdate: July 9th 2017

Author Donna Hoffmeyer discusses how her and co-author, Kevin Cullis' book helps soldiers transition their military service into their new civilian adventure.

Mitchdurfee 195Pxx243

Serve 2 Win

Episode No: 34
Guest Name: Mitch Durfee
Episode Airdate: June 24th 2017

Entrepreneur and Author of Serve to Win, Mitch Durfee, tells how using his talents of serving in the Army for Iraq, Korea, and Afghanistan helped build his million+ dollar business ventures.

Melinda Moulton  195Pxx243

People, Planet & Profits

Episode No: 33
Guest Name: Melinda Moulton
Episode Airdate: April 15th 2019

How 2 hippy women in the 80s transformed a rat-infested waterfront in Burlington, Vermont into a $30 million redevelopment project. Melinda Moulton tells the story of how using the power of naivete and re-development created a tourist mecca for the state of Vermont.

Emilliewapnick 195Pxx243

How to be Everything

Episode No: 32
Guest Name: Emilie Wapnick
Episode Airdate: May 14th 2017

Jack of all trades, master of none now has value in the workplace. Author and multipotentialite, Emilie Wapnick discusses how the ability to embrace multiple interests can make you a powerful asset in the workplace and beyond.

Drzey 195Pxx243

Ageless Nation

Episode No: 31
Guest Name: Dr. Michael Zey
Episode Airdate: April 20th 2017

What if you never aged? Dr. Michael Zey, futurist & author of "Ageless Nation" explores the economic and ethical impact of an ageless nation. We discuss the ehtics of stem cell "banking" that could replace any body part & the impact of genetic engineering

Dawsonchurch 195Pxx243

Tapping for Peace of Mind

Episode No: 30
Guest Name: Dr. Dawson Church
Episode Airdate: April 5th 2017

Dr. Dawson Church, an award-winning author whose best-selling book, The Genie in Your Genes, has been hailed by reviewers as a breakthrough researcher in our understanding of the link between emotions and genetics. podcast Episode

Drzey 195Pxx243

Info-Shaping Fake News

Episode No: 29
Guest Name: Dr. Michael Zey
Episode Airdate: March 15th 2017

Sociologist and futurist, Dr. Michael Zey discusses the impact of social media on how millennials get their news, the newest trend of “fake news,” and how "info-shaping" positive, rosy profiles on social media is leading to depression.

Samblack 195Pxx243

Float Pod Bliss

Episode No: 28
Guest Name: Sam Black
Episode Airdate: February 24th 2017

Float Pods Sensory Reduction for Chronic Pain, PTS, Depression and more. After exploring a multitude of modalities for pain management, my guest, Sam Black, settled upon the Float Pods and found the experience “life changing."