Anmolsingh 195Pxx243

Live Trader Mindset

Episode No: 57
Guest Name: Anmol Singh
Episode Airdate: July 15th 2018

How do you play the market without losing your shirt? Anmol Singh launched LiveTraders in 2015 which is now voted the #1 Trading Education firm for 3 consecutive years. Anmol's a leading expert in the Trading Psychology space.

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The Discipline of NOW

Episode No: 56
Guest Name: Eric Twiggs
Episode Airdate: July 8th 2018

Overcoming procrastination is in Eric Twiggs' wheelhouse. As an NLP practitioner, Eric has conducted over 28,000 coaching sessions with executives and entrepreneurs. Learn the REAL cost of procrastination and steps to help you move past your own roadblock

Halelly Azulay 195Pxx243

Boss Talk

Episode No: 55
Guest Name: Halelly Azulay
Episode Airdate: June 3rd 2018

What Great Bosses NEVER Say - Founder and Podcaster of TalentGrow, Halelly Azulay, shares the 10 conversations every great leader should have and how to hold onto rockstar employees on a shoestring budget.

Jeatherrice 195Pxx243

Ease from Dis-Ease

Episode No: 54
Guest Name: Dr. Heather Rice
Episode Airdate: May 20th 2018

Are vaccines necessary? My next guest, Dr. Heather Rice, talks about her part in the documentary, "The Truth About Vaccines," along with her quest for health and wellbeing.

Gretchen Hidell 195Pxx243

Written in the Stars

Episode No: 53
Guest Name: Gretchen Hidell
Episode Airdate: May 6th 2018

Is there more to right time, right place? Master NLP Hypnotherapist and respected Astrologer Gretchen Hidell discusses the taboo of astrology in the workplace, obsession vs passion and the surprising places astrology has been utilized.

Barbarahusonprofile 195Pxx243

Rich State of Mind

Episode No: 52
Guest Name: Barbara Huson
Episode Airdate: April 22nd 2018

Is financial instability a symptom of something far deeper? Barbara Huson, the daughter of the R in H&R Block, is a best-selling author and a beacon for financial savvy for women.

Eileen Mendel 195Pxx243

The Balanced Millionaire

Episode No: 51
Guest Name: Eileen Mendel
Episode Airdate: April 8th 2018

Eileen Mendel, founder of Inner Edge International, has nearly 3 decades of experience making millionaires. Eileen's shared her experience of making millionaires with NPR, The San Francisco Business Journal among others.

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Deep Dive: Overcoming Fear of the Water

Episode No: 50
Guest Name: Bill Atkinson
Episode Airdate: March 25th 2018

Afraid of the water? Navy SEAL & Founder of Elemental Edge Training,Bill Atkinson, shares how to train your mind to overcome the crippling fear of the water.

Beverly King Self Talk Radio Show 195Pxx243

58 Acts of Kindness

Episode No: 49
Guest Name: Beverly King
Episode Airdate: March 8th 2018

Beverly King survived the Las Vegas shooting which left 58 fellow concert goers dead and 851 injured. She's doing 58 acts of kindness each day in remembrance of those lost, to help her reconnect & heal.

Davidnewman 195Pxx243

Speak for Profit

Episode No: 48
Guest Name: David Newman
Episode Airdate: February 25th 2018

Want to get paid what you’re worth as a speaker or consultant, but you’re not sure how to start? David Newman has been featured in the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, on NBC and is the best-selling author of “Do it Marketing.”

Headertimkavanagh 195Pxx243

Comedy for Cancer

Episode No: 47
Guest Name: Tim Kavanagh
Episode Airdate: February 10th 2018

A routine colonoscopy proves life-changing for my next guest, comedian Tim Kavanagh. He talks about his cancer diagnosis, the challenges he faced and his upcoming one-man comedy show to raise awareness about living with rectal cancer. 

Dr Steve Taubman 2018 195Pxx243

Buddha in the Trenches

Episode No: 46
Guest Name: Dr. Steve Taubman
Episode Airdate: January 28th 2018

We're so busy trying to make it happen "out there," that we forget the secret to manifestation can only be found "in here." Dr. Steve Taubman's follow-up to his book, Unhypnosis, Buddha in the Trenches, does not disappoint. Ideal for those seeking balance

Candy Weston 195Pxx243

A Date with Cancer

Episode No: 45
Guest Name: Candy Weston
Episode Airdate: January 7th 2018

When Candy Weston met her partner, Tim Kavanagh, a beloved local celebrity, she didn't bargain for cancer being the third wheel in their relationship. She's writing a book on what to do when your partner's faced with a cancer diagnosis. 

Jt Mccormick Self Talk Radio Show 195Pxx243

I Got There

Episode No: 44
Guest Name: JT McCormick
Episode Airdate: November 25th 2017

Abuse, discrimination, poverty—these were the major themes of JT McCormick's childhood. As an adult, JT added a new theme to the mix—success. JT McCormick went from the slums of Dayton, Ohio to being the CEO of a multimillion dollar company.

Bradszollose 195Pxx243

Gaming the System

Episode No: 43
Guest Name: Brad Szollose
Episode Airdate: November 15th 2017

Do video games REALLY help train today's workforce toward prosperous bottom lines? Award-winning author Brad Szollose shares how to unite the unique learning and working styles of Boomers, GenX & Millenials into one cohesive team through his book.