At 16, Robin was mis-diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, lost her entire  large intestine and was prescribed methadone to manage the pain. Once she hit rock-bottom, she fired her medical team, took charge of her healthcare and now? She's a best-selling author, angel investor and is out with her 2nd book, The Thought Leader Formula.

The Powerful Patient

Episode No: 78
Guest Name: Robin FarmanFarmian
Episode Airdate: June 23rd 2019

At 16, Robin was mis-diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, losing her entire large intestine and told she was "cured." By the age of 26, she was prescribed methadone to manage the pain. She slowly became a shut-in and once she hit rock bottom, she fired her medical team and decided to take charge of her healthcare and went into remission OVERNIGHT! She writes about her experience in her best-selling book, "The Patient as CEO." But it doesn't stop there...

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Safety in the Boardroom

Episode No: 77
Guest Name: Joe Morgan
Episode Airdate: June 9th 2019

Keep your mouth shut or take the risk and talk about what's REALLY going on in the C-Suite? Joe Morgan, CEO of SIY

Sandysteinheadshot 195Pxx196

Reimagining Retail

Episode No: 76
Guest Name: Sandy Stein
Episode Airdate: May 26th 2019

Retail Forecaster, Author and Forbes Contributor Sandy Stein: Is there new life for retail? Surprisingly, yes!

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Executive Job Search Secrets

Episode No: 75
Guest Name: Chris Kirkpatrick
Episode Airdate: May 12th 2019

Avg job search takes 1 month for every 10k income you want to make - how do you shorten that process? Career Next CEO Chris Fitzpatrick talks about how CareerNext shortens that timespan to help you land your dream job.

Ericegeland 195Pxx243

Investors or Unicorns?

Episode No: 74
Guest Name: Eric Egeland
Episode Airdate: April 28th 2019

What Angel Investors look for when you're ready to pitch for dollars. President of Capacity Consulting and Founder of National Startup Association, Eric Egeland

Johnedwardheadshot 195Pxx243

Crossing Over to Evolve

Episode No: 73
Guest Name: John Edward
Episode Airdate: April 14th 2019

 Is the Sacred for Sale? Best-selling author, medium and host of Crossing Over, John Edward, discusses his project, Evolve.

Kevinneff Profile 195Pxx243

Speaking of Success

Episode No: 72
Guest Name: Kevin Neff
Episode Airdate: March 31st 2019

In all the episodes I've had, I've yet to hear a guest talk about how easy it was to make their way to the top. In fact, many of them had their greatest epiphanies when staring down a bowl of Ramen noodles. So I faced Kevin Neff's new show, "Speaking of Success," with some trepidation. Is it going to be a sound bite of how Entrepreneur X took their company to $6B in 6 months? His answer is refreshing.

Jeannielynch 195Pxx243

The Happy Factor

Episode No: 71
Guest Name: Jeannie Lynch
Episode Airdate: March 17th 2019

Have you ever felt "everything I love, I lose?" Is fear of death keeping you from living fully? How do you go on after losing a child? In January of 2005, Jeannie Lynch lost her daughter and daugther's grandmother in a car crash. She tells her story of how she moves herself and others forward into The Happy Factor.

Jeffreyhayzlett Author 195Pxx243

The Hero Factor

Episode No: 70
Guest Name: Jeffrey Hayzlett
Episode Airdate: March 3rd 2019

Take a Knee or Stand? MeToo or Now What? Jeffrey Hayzlett's new book, "The Hero Factor" helps us stand in our truth and uncover what makes us heroic. Drawing from his experience as a judge on Celebrity Apprentice to his present status as CEO of C-Suite Network, this book bolsters us to embrace leadership by standing by our own truth, even when at times, it makes us squirm.

Johnnemo 195Pxx243

LinkedIn Riches

Episode No: 69
Guest Name: John Nemo
Episode Airdate: February 17th 2019

Find your IDEAL Clients in under 30 seconds with John Nemo's LinkedIn Riches - soo much more than a resume tool.

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Blockchain Made Easy

Episode No: 68
Guest Name: Michael Ly
Episode Airdate: February 3rd 2019

Named Intuit's 2018 Firm of the Future, expert Michael Ly discusses the impact Blockchain has on elections, accounting and the way we do business.

Donnablevins 195Pxx243

Stroke of Genius

Episode No: 67
Guest Name: Dr. Donna Blevins
Episode Airdate: January 20th 2019

A stroke disabling her ability to speak, doesn't stop Dr. Blevins from writing "Mindshift on Demand."

Mikemichalowiczeradicatepoverty 195Pxx243

Profit 1st

Episode No: 66
Guest Name: Mike Michalowicz
Episode Airdate: January 6th 2019

Struggling to make money with your business? Mike Michalowicz's mission is to end entrepreneurial poverty with smart systems you can implement RIGHT NOW

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Back to the Future

Episode No: 65
Guest Name: Dr. Michael Zey
Episode Airdate: November 25th 2018

Dr Zey returns with hot job prospects for 2019, the impact of smartphones and how our privacy is threatened. A fascinating look at social trends.

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Guns Drugs or Wealth?

Episode No: 64
Guest Name: Jerry Ford
Episode Airdate: November 11th 2018

After seeing his brother murdered at the tender age of 14, Jerry Ford had to choose between a life of violence or one of opportunity. Rising from the streets of Detroit to Wall Street, Jerry Ford shares his 3-prong strategy to wealth in his latest book.