Episode: 99 - "Manscript" with Julia Keys

 02 March 2020

My next guest was in the process of writing a book about affairs when ironically, she discovered her husband, a popular TV host, was cheating on her with her daughter's friend. How did she deal with the aftermath,the scrutiny of the press, AND continue to hold her head high and finish her book? Julia Keys offers some powerful tips on how to pick up the pieces and build yourself up after an affair in the book, "Manscript" which she co-wrote with her friend and colleague, Jaquie Cole


 What a man needs to do if he wants to make it right
 How to empower your identity when dealing with betrayal
 Impact on family life and health
 Feeling supported and not alone
 The impact of lies
 How to trust again
 Top tips for thriving after an affair
 Impact on men
 Creating the next chapter in your life



Guest Name: Julia Keys
Episode Number: 99
Episode Airdate: 03/02/2020

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