Episode: 92 - "NewsJacking 101" with TeeJ Mercer

 13 January 2020

My next guest has worked on The Tonight Show, Extra, MTV, VH1, Disney, Dreamworks, The Bachelor, Oprah, Kevin Hart and more for over 20+-years in Hollywood. She's an author and the Chief Noisemaker of Media Mavericks Academy, Tee J Mercer.
Key Take-Aways:
1. People are losing sleep over what you can do IN your sleep so it’s imperative that you make some noise about your genius to help them.
2. It’s time to watch the news differently so you can inject your genius into the conversation.
3 There is a proven strategy that can get you national exposure for your business, book, or brand.
4. 5 Ways to Rock Your Interview: Show up with S.P.U.N.K.
5. There is a secret backdoor way to get to national show producers.

Guest Name: TeeJ Mercer
Episode Number: 92
Episode Airdate: 01/13/2020

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