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This is a follow-up show to episode 44, "A Date with Cancer" with Candy Weston. Her partner, Tim Kavanagh, I first met when he attended a voiceover workshop I taught at Champlain College. He became a successful late-night television host and comic extraordinaire. He talks about having a relationship during his cancer diagnosis, a fruit diet that helped him become cancer-free and his prediction about the Superbowl (please send all comments to Tim, especially if you're a Patriots' fan...)

He has me laughing and reminiscing about all the things I love about living in Vermont - Church Street, the Hotdog lady and looking towards the future. I'm looking forward to seeing his one-man comedy show - we'll keep you posted when and where you can see him perform.

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Guest Name: Tim Kavanagh
Episode Number: 46
Episode Airdate: 02/11/2018