Episode: 114 - "Domino Thinking" with Alison Donaghey

 22 June 2020

Are you allowing others to dictate your self-worth? International best-selling author, and podcast host of Domino Thinking - Alison Donaghey pinpoints our stuck point of worthiness and helps us get out of the victim mindset.

  1. 1) Why has worthiness been a benchmark for you?
  2. 2) How did you move past your rape in high school?
  3. 3) Tell me about Sunshine Girls Painting?
  4. 4) Tell me about Domino Thinking - What roadblocks have you faced in business?
  5. 3) What are healthy vs unhealthy ways to garner worthiness?
  6. 4) How do you build worthiness if you really don't feel it?
  7. 5) How does admitting your part symbolize strength, not weakness?
  8. 6) How do you get away from victim identity?
  9. 7) What are 5 steps to handle unexpected situations and remain calm?

Guest Name: Alison Donaghey
Episode Number: 114
Episode Airdate: 06/22/2020

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