Episode: 109 - "Hypnosis and NLP" with Kip Brooks

 18 May 2020

Yes, this is a story about using the powers of NLP and Hypnosis, but it's also a story about a father looking desperately to offer a better life for his young sons than he endured. Wanting to commit suicide at the tender age of 8, Kip tells how he went from an abysmal hypnosis session to having his own breakthroughs and learning how to move from being a victim to transforming into an advocate of change through his Brooks Empowerment Academy.


So what IS Hypnosis?
Are hypnosis and NLP the same thing?
How hypnosis is a do-with not a do-to-you process.
Learn the impact of Kip's Breakthrough session

Guest Name: Kip Brooks
Episode Number: 109
Episode Airdate: 05/18/2020

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