Episode: 107 - "Past the Pain" with Cathleen L

 04 May 2020

Cathleen Elle is a international transformational speaker, intuitive coach, and certified healer. Cathleen teaches how to revolutionize living through emotional, spiritual, and energetic processing. Clearing everything from deep trauma to habits of behavior, Cathleen has worked with large corporations, school systems, individuals, and in small intimate group settings to bring swift and permanent change.

For more than twenty-five years, Cathleen provided exceptional service to the community. She owned and operated several small businesses, was an elected legislator, served alongside Vermont Governor Douglas and a successful lobbyist. As an elected official, she addressed the Israeli Government and Brazilian Parliament on women and minorities serving in Government.

Her life’s work drastically refocused in March 2010 after her teenage son died by suicide. She became a Canfield Success Coach, a Certified RIM emotional processing facilitator, and energy healer. Cathleen life’s purpose is to educate, inspire, and empower those who have lost loved ones suddenly and unexpectedly and people who are living with limiting beliefs, blocks, and stuck emotions that prevent success.


  • Care when using words. Cathleen pointed out to me that using terms like "committed suicide," imply a crime has been committed, when it is much easier on the family and loved ones to have words like "died by suicide." 
  • Trauma and tragic events happen in all of our lives, you can choose to live in the pain or move through it.
  • Consciously moving through fear one hour at a time will assist you in living a life that creates a lightness within and a connection to self (and your loved ones)
  •  It is Cathleen's belief today that our loved ones never really die....our bodies are no longer here but our souls are set free and their energy is within us and all around us at all times.

Guest Name: Cathleen L
Episode Number: 107
Episode Airdate: 05/04/2020

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