Episode: 1 - "Give a Damn" with Mark Lewis

 20 April 2020

He endured the media circus and fall-out during Hurrican Katrina after his company exposed Mayor Nagin's missing emails cover-up. Instead of being bitter, my next guest felt there was a better way for we as a community to stop being so self centered and start to give a damn less about ourselves and more about each other.

Mark Lewis, the author of "Give A Damn" is my guest on STRS KEY TAKE-AWAYS: - The silver lining behind COVID-19 - Having a better understanding of how we think and act towards others - Why listening is so important - Understanding what has caused us to become a more self centered society - Why caring and helping others leads to a happier life - What people can do to change their thinking and habits - Why educating our young people at a very early age on morals, accountability etc. is so important for a better society

Guest Name: Mark Lewis
Episode Number: 1
Episode Airdate: 04/20/2020

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