Episode: 100 - "Bulletproof" with Dr. Steve Taubman

 09 March 2020

Celebrating Self Talk Radio Show's 100th episode is our very 1st guest and catalyst for bringing this show to life, Dr. Steve Taubman. He talks candidly about how to pull yourself up after a professional slum(we all go through it eventually...) and his work with the Habitude Warrior seminars. After having best-selling books, sell-out crowds for his keynotes and success, my next guest fell into a professional slump. He talks about how to pull yourself up and his upcoming book, 'Bulletproof." If you need a lift for your attitude, nobody does it better than Dr. Steve. Learn how to become bullet-proof  no matter what life dishes out. 


Guest Name: Dr. Steve Taubman
Episode Number: 100
Episode Airdate: 03/09/2020

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