Episode: 97 - "Human Hitmaker" with Jonathan George

 16 February 2020

As the CEO of JG Entertainment, Jonathan has spent the past 2 decades coaching, branding and launching some of the biggest young rockstars in the entertainment industry as well as creating rockstar brands for top influencers and entrepreneurs.

- How do you discover your superpowers?
- How can you turn your flaws into strengths while being "Flawesome?"
- Learn how to get unshakeable confidence in just 3 steps
- What's the #1 thing Jonathan has seen that keeps people from achieving their dreams?
- 2 simple things you can implement RIGHT NOW to build your confidence
- How to unleash the power of your personal brand in the workforce
- Success is really only made up of 20% talent (so where does the other 80% come from?)
- What is the "Unleash Your Rockstar" Movement

Guest Name: Jonathan George
Episode Number: 97
Episode Airdate: 02/16/2020

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