Episode: 85 - "Self Care for Extremely Busy Women" with Suzanne Falter

 17 November 2019


Is you whole life defined by this relentless chase for material success? Do you take care of everyone else first? As women, we show up again and again for everyone else. Now it's time to put the oxygen mask on your self and take a breath... Suzanne Falter shares how the sudden death of her daughter, Teal, propelled her into a new way of thinking and being in the world. Her new book, "Self Care for Extremely Busy Women," due out in December, promises to address the "busi-ness" of being a woman, how to get out of a funk and even how to ask for hard things and the relentless drive for success and how to turn the curve from being driven by passion, to living in authenticity.

We are pushing ourselves without even noticing it. Suzanne Falter's sending the canary down the tunnel and her new book, "Self Care for Extremely Busy Women," is the clarion call for us to come full-stop consciously or await the inevitable fall, crash and burn when busy takes over and you lose track of what matters. So what defines "extremely busy?"

"When you have to reassess your life. When you're pushed to a place where nothing works anymore. When you feel you're kind of out-of-balance in your body. When you feel nervous or anxious but you don't even know why. When you have strange aches and pains. When you can't sleep at night - these are all places where our body is trying to wake us up and say 'things are not right.' That's the source to what being extremely busy really is."

If this sounds like you? Time to brew a cup of tea, put your earbuds in and listen to some real wisdom - because you deserve a break! Enjoy...

Guest Name: Suzanne Falter
Episode Number: 85
Episode Airdate: 11/17/2019

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