Episode: 79 - "The Alter Ego Effect" with Todd Herman

 07 July 2019


You can hear me taken a bit by surprise when Todd talks about what happened to him at 12. I had seen the Facebook post of how he had thought about taking his life at the tender age of 12... but for whatever reason, I didn't read on to see the WHY behind that. His courage and willingness to talk about how he moved past being sexually abused to help thousands of people improve their performance on and off the field is inspiring.  Not only does Todd share his personal stories, but he backs up his findings with scientific research behind our minds. Is there something to "fake it til you make it?" How do you "stay in your lane" and not stray into becoming something that you're really not? No matter if you're an athlete, entrepreneur or parent, you will come away with some gems in this interview.
Todd has spent 20+ years mentoring Olympic athletes, public figures, leaders and entrepreneurs, on peak performance and has built his own life based on one foundational principle: the people that win, whether they’re smart, ignorant, young or old, are the ones that can unlock their Heroic Self and display ALL of their capabilities on the field of play of life.  Learn more about his book and the 90 Day Year at his website, toddherman.me

Guest Name: Todd Herman
Episode Number: 79
Episode Airdate: 07/07/2019

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