Episode: 77 - "Safety in the Boardroom" with Joe Morgan

 09 June 2019

 Is there such a thing as safely saying what you REALLY think in the boardroom without jeopardizing your job? Yes... in fact, Joe Morgan has built his entire company around the concept of SIY - Safe Inspired You. His quest? Building successful companies that unite Joy with Impact to get amazing results.

Can you REALLY Have Joy AND Impact?
Joe highlights Traction on Demand based out of Vancouver, and Web Industries in Framingham, MA who find the sweet spot between shooting from the hip and effective communication in the boardroom that moves the company forward. 

The Most Common Mistakes CEOs Make in Communication (is this YOU?)
Joe also talks about the leadership traits he looks for, and measuring success at the board level

You can learn more about Joe Morgan at http://safeinspiredyou.com/ 

Guest Name: Joe Morgan
Episode Number: 77
Episode Airdate: 06/09/2019