Episode: 75 - "Executive Job Search Secrets" with Chris Kirkpatrick

 12 May 2019

If you've been out of the job market for awhile - A LOT has changed! Sooo... how do you get back in? Chris Kirkpatrick, CEO of CareerNext -helps executives navigate their own career by offering 1-1 personal career coaching and an online video tutorial with a 5 step process that speeds up landing your ideal career path.
Interview or Brain Drain?
When the meeting changes from an interview to a brain drain - how do you pivot the conversation so you're not giving a free consult? 
Chris also talks about "Executive Job Search Secrets" - his upcoming book promising to give people a playbook on the 5 steps for effective job searching. 
if you're in between work right now, your number 1 job is to get your mindset away from stress and into strategizing your search, preparing your search and a putting a plan in place, CareerNext offers everything you need to navigate the job search with an online course to help you land your next dream job. 

Learn more: careernextagency.com

Guest Name: Chris Kirkpatrick
Episode Number: 75
Episode Airdate: 05/12/2019

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