Episode: 74 - "Investors or Unicorns?" with Eric Egeland

 28 April 2019

What Angel Investors look for when you're ready to pitch for dollars. President of Capacity Consulting and Founder of National Startup Association, Eric Egeland

I met Eric when pitching Vermont Chalky Paint at the Vermont Barn Pitch in my friends, Trish Sears and Steve Mason's barn. Eric came roaring in on a motorbike along with 15-20 other investors all with shiny BMWs glistening in the sun on a hot summer's day. I didn't win the first pitch, but I did win the second year and went onto the statewide competion. Eric was razor-sharp in helping me hone my messaging from Entrepreneur (Unicorn) speak (I want this money because it's a REALLY cool idea...) to Investor Speak (It costs x to make this product, burn rate of 1-3 years, and ROI of $X in 3-5 years.) In other words, I wanted to exchange my Unicorn for Secretariat...

Eric offers great ideas for getting your head around focusing your company not only for investors, but more importantly, for YOUR ROI. A really valuable listen for those of us who like to manifest our dreams into tangible dollars and sense... (mis-spelling intended.)

P.S. My apologies for the recording being a bit sketchy - I promise, the content is SOLID. Eric even offers his contact info at the end. PLEASE take him up on his offer - it'll be time well spent

Guest Name: Eric Egeland
Episode Number: 74
Episode Airdate: 04/28/2019

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