Episode: 73 - "Crossing Over to Evolve" with John Edward

 14 April 2019

When my mother died, I was obsessed with connecting with her in some capacity. I had one of her old lipsticks tucked in my purse and sometimes, I'd pull it out just so I had a scent or something she had actually touched. We had a psychic in our neighborhood that I visited when I first lost my mom. I reached for my wallet and found I only had $5 bucks on me. She gave me a hug and said, "No charge, honey - the sacred's not for sale."

That sentence has hung with me over the years and I wrestled with it - until this interview. I posed the question to the psychic, best-selling author of numerous books and former host of "Crossing Over, Soo...Is the sacred for sale?

John Edward offers the best answer I've ever heard to this question. He offers comfort to thousands of people who suffer through the loss of a loved one and faces critics who accuse him of taking advantage of people at their most vulnerable time. He rolls with the punches with his rapid-fire delivery and occasional impatience with those who think a step or two slower than he does. He talks about where he receives spiritual guidance when he feels lost (the answer may surprise you...) the power of valuing your talents, and the power of belief.

Guest Name: John Edward
Episode Number: 73
Episode Airdate: 04/14/2019

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