Episode: 71 - "The Happy Factor" with Jeannie Lynch

 17 March 2019

Have you ever felt "everything I love, I lose?" Is fear of death keeping you from living fully? How do you go on after losing a child? In January of 2005, Jeannie Lynch lost her daughter and daugther's grandmother in a car crash. She tells her story of how she moves herself and others forward into The Happy Factor.

Jeannie was a reluctant fan of the Abraham Hicks philosophy of Law of Attraction. But now? It plays a prominent role in how she moves herself and others through the grief process. She also talks about the Emotional Set Point Process and finding your own set point from grief to joy.

Check out her incredibly helpful videos on YouTube.

Guest Name: Jeannie Lynch
Episode Number: 71
Episode Airdate: 03/17/2019

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