Episode: 70 - "The Hero Factor" with Jeffrey Hayzlett

 03 March 2019

If Jeffrey Hayzlett referring to Donald Trump as "bat-shit crazy" offends you, this interview might make you uncomfortable. Or smirk. Do you squirm when asked to "take a stand?" Then Jeffrey will shine an uncomfortable light on your shadow sides that we all carry. Take a knee or stand for the flag? #MeToo or #NowWhat? We've become either lightning rods in our own Facebook feeds, or colorless, vanilla-flavored watered down versions of ourselves for fear of the repercussions of "taking a side." In fact, I kind of feel like "The Hero Factor" really should be renamed "Take a Stand." Because Jeffrey takes no prisoners. He doesn't suffer fools and welcomes his own son and daughter to challenge him in a board meeting.

His intensity and honestly feel like a cold washcloth to the face - scrubbing the grime of our placating off and making us look in the mirror and see what makes us uncomfortable - what helps us stand in our truth. And what makes us heroic - drawing a line in the sand for what we will and will not put up with, regardless of the consequences. (Or because of them...)

From his experience as a celebrity judge on Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice," to the pivots he's had to make in his C-Suite Network, Jeffrey's honest take on ALL of his experiences leave you with a treasure trove of what it really means to embark on The Hero Factor journey.

Guest Name: Jeffrey Hayzlett
Episode Number: 70
Episode Airdate: 03/03/2019

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