Episode: 69 - "LinkedIn Riches" with John Nemo

 17 February 2019

The #1 Challenge LinkedIn faces? Many of us think it's just for job-seekers. However, John Nemo, author of "LinkedIn Riches," says "It's more than just for job seekers , you can use it for Sales & Marketing, for business getting employees, getting vendors, industry news, thought leadership, training - it's a
one-stop shop for professionals worldwide ."

After losing his cool with a boss during the 2008 recession, he got fired from his day job after writing an angry email defending the powers of the emerging Social Media to promote business. The old guard was having none of that, so he was shown the door. Within a week, he got 2 new job offers for a $30k
pay raise. Got fired on a Friday, within 6 days, thanks to LinkedIn, he was making $30k more a year.

While he had a great gig, he wasn't happy. So John left the corporate handcuffs behind and started his
own agency with 1 client and enough money to float for 30 days. Balancing his MacPro on top
of a soft pretzel box, he got busy finding clients and in 90 days, he generated 6 figures of revenue.

Wait until the very end - he gives a link to his LinkedIn Riches webinar which I HIGHLY recommend you check out.

Guest Name: John Nemo
Episode Number: 69
Episode Airdate: 02/17/2019

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