Episode: 58 - "Play & Prosper" with Rebecca Brown

 29 July 2018

Does making money mean misery? Rebecca Brown is a Certified Professional Coach, Money Coach & Laughter Yoga Teacher on a mission to bridge the worlds of play, purpose, and prosperity. Facing 40 gave Rebecca the push into her coaching part of her life. She breaks out the difference between coaching, consulting and therapy and how they come together to teach people how to play and prosper.

Based in Reno, NV, Rebecca talks about different tools to help you tap into your inner vision and mission to step out of your box and into your life. We also explore the 8 money archetypes and how they affect our decisions in living the best life ever.

You can find more information on Rebecca's services at her website: http://rebeccabrowncoaching.com.

Her Facebook Group is called The Abundance Playground: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theabundanceplayground/

Guest Name: Rebecca Brown
Episode Number: 58
Episode Airdate: 07/29/2018

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