Episode: 57 - "Live Trader Mindset" with Anmol Singh

 15 July 2018

How do you play the market without losing your shirt? Anmol Singh launched LiveTraders in 2015 which is now voted the #1 Trading Education firm for 3 consecutive years. Anmol's a leading expert in the Trading Psychology space and has trained over 1,000 traders and investors, some of whom have gone on to manage their own Hedge funds.

Anmol has a very down-to-earth, practical nature that comes through in this episode. He candidly shares trading $10k he borrowed from his father and promptly losing half of it. He taught himself, found a mentor and tells how he built LiveTraders from the ground up.

He also has an upcoming book, "Prepping for Success," that focuses more on the journey than the destination. He made me want to login and learn stocks (something I know next to nothing about...) and I can't wait to read his book when it comes out.

Links he shares in this episode include:



Guest Name: Anmol Singh
Episode Number: 57
Episode Airdate: 07/15/2018

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