Episode: 54 - "Ease from Dis-Ease" with Dr. Heather Rice

 20 May 2018

Are vaccines necessary? My next guest, Dr. Heather Rice, talks about her part in the documentary, "The Truth About Vaccines," along with her quest for health and wellbeing.

Dr. Rice made me look at everything from the way I traditionally look at illness as something to destroy or conquer to instead, ADDING health - that is a very new concept for me. You can hear me playing with it part-way through this interview.

She also talk about healthy eating - the statistic of 1 in 2 kids facing chronic illness is staggering. Rice quips, "You cannot live by the food pyramid or you're gonna LOOk like the food pyramid."

Lastly, she talks about stress being triggered within the nervous system and how her practice, Wellspring Chiropractic Lifestyle (http://wellspringcls.com) focuses on the WHOLE person, not just their dis-ease. This interview left me reviewing a lot of choices I've made and wondering how to move forward into this new way of thinking. A very fascinating episode - enjoy!

Guest Name: Dr. Heather Rice
Episode Number: 54
Episode Airdate: 05/20/2018

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