Episode: 52 - "Rich State of Mind" with Barbara Huson

 22 April 2018

s financial instability a symptom of something far deeper? Barbara Huson, the daughter of the R in H&R Block, is a best-selling author and a beacon for financial savvy for women.

We talk about what inspired her to change her name from Barbara Stanny to Huson, and some of her "aha" moments in interviewing 6-7 and 8-figure women.

I've known Barbara for a few years and her story's incredible - she came back from a $1 MILLION tax bill and teaches other women how to calm their own financial demons. You can listen to the first episode here: (Episode 20 - Sacred Success.)

We talk about "aha" moments and one of mine in this episode was her quote from Carl Jung, "for better to come, good must stand aside." What does that mean? You've gotta read her blog, on the Magical Power of Letting Go - it's excellent. Have you ever held onto something so fiercely that it exhausts you? Have you been too afraid to let it go, even though you know it's for the best, but you hold on because of your fear? Yeah. It's THAT conversation. Brew a cup, this one you'll wanna sit down for. Barbara - as always, much love to you. Thanks for helping so many women transform the way we think about money.

Guest Name: Barbara Huson
Episode Number: 52
Episode Airdate: 04/22/2018