Episode: 50 - "Deep Dive: Overcoming Fear of the Water" with Bill Atkinson

 25 March 2018

Afraid of the water? Navy SEAL & Founder of Elemental Edge Training,Bill Atkinson, shares how to train your mind to overcome the crippling fear of the water.

I was surprised to learn that not everybody floats (!). Bill talks about the different body types that are floaters, neutrals and sinkers. Good news? Even if you're a "sinker," you might still make it as a Navy SEAL with the power of your mindset. Learn what to do if your boat capsizes and the best way to stay afloat and avoid hypothermia in cold water.

You can learn about Bill's mental toughness training programs at his website, http://elementaledgetraining.com


Guest Name: Bill Atkinson
Episode Number: 50
Episode Airdate: 03/25/2018

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