Episode: 46 - "Buddha in the Trenches" with Dr. Steve Taubman

 28 January 2018

 Dr. Steve's been a good friend (he was my first guest on Self Talk Radio Show,) mentor and champion of all who do battle in the trenches of a world hostile to inner reflection. 

We're so busy trying to make it happen "out there," that we forget the secret to manifestation can only be found "in here." His follow-up to "Unhypnosis," "Buddha in the Trenches," does not disappoint.

I'm honored to have been asked to do the introduction and follow-up interview on his Audible version of "Buddha in the Trenches." I enjoy the audio version as a "pump me up" on my morning commute, coupled with the written word as my evening close. It's a simple book putting complicated ideas into bite-sized morsels peppered with quotes of can-do encouragement for the entrepreneurs, CEOs and all who battle in the trenches looking for a life of meaning.

Guest Name: Dr. Steve Taubman
Episode Number: 46
Episode Airdate: 01/28/2018

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