Episode: 45 - "A Date with Cancer" with Candy Weston

 07 January 2018


When Candy Weston met her partner, Tim Kavanagh, a beloved local celebrity, she didn't bargain for cancer being the third wheel in their relationship. She's writing a book on what to do when your partner's faced with a cancer diagnosis. Some of the topics we discuss:

  • Sex: How to maintain intimacy when cancer limitations appear.
  • Diet: Should you join in on the "special diet" too?
  • What works - Tim is now cancer-free. Find out what foods and tactics worked for them and some ideas for your own journey.

Candy's interviewing partners of cancer patients for her upcoming book to help bring couples together during this challenging journey.

Guest Name: Candy Weston
Episode Number: 45
Episode Airdate: 01/07/2018

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