Episode: 43 - "Gaming the System" with Brad Szollose

 15 November 2017

Liquid Leadership for Millennials, GenX & Boomers

Do video games REALLY help train today's workforce toward prosperous bottom lines? Award-winning author Brad Szollose, shares how to unite the unique learning and working styles of Boomers, GenX & millennials into one cohesive team through his book, Liquid Leadership.

We’ve gone through our fair share of Millennials at our radio stations. Some are off-the-charts brilliant; anticipating what’s needed, offering creative solutions and playing with the end in mind. However, others have been less than stellar - lazy, arrogant, and lacking in communication skills (a bit challenging for a radio station - ha!) I’m on the cusp of Gen X and Baby Boomers and throw my hands up in despair with this new generation. I wonder about the survival of clever writing, radio shows, and podcasts. Will we be reduced to a generation of emoticons?

My next guest, Brad Szollose, author of “Liquid Leadership,” hits the nail on the head: “Baby boomers were taught to shut up, listen, and follow the rules. Boomers had a need and desire to look busy to their bosses.” According to Brad, “Millennials are attuned to results and efficiency. When the task is done, they are not going to give the appearance of being busy. They want to find the best way to get something accomplished, and are not willing to blindly accept the way others did things in the past.”

So how DO we motivate this new workforce? Brad talks about how video games have been a training ground for our millennials and how to “game the system” into enticing this younger generation by stepping up the game in our corporate settings.

Links to topics in the Conversation:

  • Watch Brad’s TED Talk HERE
  • Visit his website HERE

Guest Name: Brad Szollose
Episode Number: 43
Episode Airdate: 11/15/2017

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