Episode: 42 - "Coffee with a Cop" with Lt. Scott McGivern

 13 November 2017

What Happens in a Death Investigation?

This episode’s been one I’ve dragged my heels on editing, posting and lastly, writing about. It’s personal, taboo; I’m not even sure if I’ll inadvertently offend some of my family by posting it. But I feel it’s something nobody talks about, yet EVERYBODY experiences - the eventual death of a loved one. My father passed away in October and he lived his life always in service. I’m hoping that even his death will be in service to others by showing the caring of an officer over a simple cup of coffee with my folks. There’s so much in the news about police doing wrong in their communities, I thought you might like to hear about one officer who is doing so much right in the community of Winooski, Vermont.

My folks had moved to Winooski in July and attended a Coffee with a Cop program in their private senior housing. It was very simple - cops show up with coffee and conversation. Lt. McGivern saw my parents sitting in the corner, new to the building after downsizing and leaving my childhood home. It was all new and obviously scary for them. It was a quick introduction as my folks were busy pondering the move they had just made and next steps in their new lives.

October 9th, my father passed away with his wife by his side. She had to endure the chaos of 3 ambulances, cop cars and EMTs all intruding upon their new home. They weren’t able to revive my father. In the midst of the chaos before we could get there, was Lt. McGivern, a familiar face thanks to Coffee with a Cop program. There is something reassuring about seeing the familiar when the unfamiliar and worst nightmare darkens your doorstep. I am honored and humbled to hear his story, how he began and how he continues his work as a death investigator and why he has stayed with this profession for over 30 years.

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Guest Name: Lt. Scott McGivern
Episode Number: 42
Episode Airdate: 11/13/2017

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