Episode: 39 - "Radical Acceptance" with Dr. Debra Meehl

 07 October 2017

Why Do We Stay Traumatized?

After the barrage of tragedies in our world - wildfires, devastating hurricanes and the mass shooting in Las Vegas, it is no wonder we’re all feeling a bit lost and traumatized. We can’t change horrible tragedies, so what can we do? My guest, Dr. Debra Meehl, author of “Joyful Transformation - 22 Keys to Reclaiming Your Authenticity” shares strategies to help you move past the trauma and into joyful living. She shares her intense story of her husband Mark’s journey with Bipolar and how they work together through this challenging mental illness.

Some of the questions she answers:

  • Is this rose-colored glasses thinking?
  • How do you deal with people or situations that constantly push your buttons into saying or doing things you regret?
  • Why do people stay traumatized?
  • What are signs of bipolar and how do we help?
  • How do we deal with the stigma of mental illness and the “yes, we need more mental health care, but not in my backyard” mentality?

Links to topics in the Conversation:

  • Read “Joyful Transformation” HERE

Guest Name: Dr. Debra Meehl
Episode Number: 39
Episode Airdate: 10/07/2017

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