Episode: 38 - "The Compelling Communicator" with Tim Pollard

 25 September 2017

Conveying GREAT Ideas that STICK!

Have you ever asked for a raise and nothing happened? Given a sales talk and fallen flat on your face? OR... you do a GREAT presentation, yet don't get the results you want? Then this is the secret rule book you NEED to add to your library.

Tim Pollard, author of “The Compelling Communicator,” pulls back the curtain and reveals a system you can use so that your pitch grabs the RIGHT audience with a winning design that keeps your thoughts in a logical order and propels your audience to take action.

Some of the questions we discuss:

  • Why do people present so poorly?
  • The right way (and wrong way,) to use visual aids like PowerPoint
  • The BEST indicator of a great talk
  • How to compel your audience to take action that gets results.
  • Links to topics in the Conversation:

    • Read “The Compelling Communicator” HERE

Guest Name: Tim Pollard
Episode Number: 38
Episode Airdate: 09/25/2017

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