Episode: 34 - "Serve 2 Win" with Mitch Durfee

 24 June 2017

I’ve known Mitch for a few years now - we were “neighbors” at a home show where I watched him and a few “grunts” from his company, “Grunts Move Junk,” moving a heavy tradeshow booth (all made of plywood…) into place.

Boy, times have changed…

Grunts Move Junk, a veteran-owned moving, junk-removal and snow plowing service company, enabled Mitch to find neglected properties in prime locations, fix them up and flip them for profit. Mitch’s experience as a veteran, gave him the self-discipline, tenacity and work ethic that has been the mantra behind his success.

He now can add author to his list of accomplishments. His new book, “Serve to Win” acts as his playbook of how he went from veteran to successful businessman and entrepreneur.

Links to topics in the Conversation:

  • Get his book Serve2Win HERE
  • Get business coaching from Mitch HERE

Guest Name: Mitch Durfee
Episode Number: 34
Episode Airdate: 06/24/2017

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