Episode: 33 - "People, Planet & Profits" with Melinda Moulton

 15 April 2019

Hippy to Redeveloper

If you’re from the 802, have lived through the 80s, and remember your mother telling you not to cross Battery Street, chances are you’ve heard the legendary stories of Melinda Moulton. She and Lisa Steele helped transform a rat-infested, oil-drummed waterfront into a $30 million redevelopment program. Their 1st attempt at a $100 million dollar deal failed, so they went back to the drawing board.

She shares how she and Lisa started as 2 hippies who helped develop this ambitious project. They spent two years creating a 25-year master plan, went to the City Hall to a packed room to present to the planning commission and the rest is history. Was it easy? Not exactly. She talks about the challenges of being women in the high-stakes game of real estate development, why she prefers to be called a “re-developer,” and the power of naivete. Melinda shares her 3-prong approach to success: People, Planet and Profits.

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Guest Name: Melinda Moulton
Episode Number: 33
Episode Airdate: 04/16/2019

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