Episode: 32 - "How to be Everything" with Emilie Wapnick

 14 May 2017

A Place for the Jack of All Trades

Jack of all trades, master of none now has value in the workplace. Author and multipotentialite, Emilie Wapnick discusses how the ability to embrace multiple interests can make you a powerful asset in the workplace and beyond. She has interviewed dozens of successful multipotentialites to learn what makes them tick, and most importantly - what life design they've chosen that brings success and happiness.

Emilie’s successful blog, “Putty-Like” shares tips and tricks on finding balance as a multipotentialite. Her book, “How to Be Everything,” is based on her popular TED talk. In the book, she explores why some of us don't have one true calling.” Emilie Wapnick flips the script on conventional career advice. Instead of suggesting that you specialize, choose a niche, or accumulate 10,000 hours of practice in a single area, Wapnick provides a practical framework for building a sustainable life around ALL of your passions.

Emilie interviewed happy, financially comfortable mulitpotentialites to understand how they make a living and what do we need to be happy:

  • Learn the trigger words for finding the career that’s actively looking for “multipotentialites.”
  • Emilie shares the 3 elements necessary for a multipotentialite success story.
  • How multipotentiality can be your biggest strength in today’s changing workforce.

Links to topics in the Conversation:

  • Follow Emilie’s blog, “Puttylike” HERE
  • Read Emilie’s book, “How to be Everything HERE
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Guest Name: Emilie Wapnick
Episode Number: 32
Episode Airdate: 05/14/2017

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