Episode: 29 - "Info-Shaping Fake News" with Dr. Michael Zey

 15 March 2017

The Surprising Impact of Info-Shaping on Social Media

Sociologist and futurist, Dr. Michael Zey, discusses the impact of social media on how millennials get their news, the newest trend of “fake news,” and how "info-shaping" positive, rosy profiles on social media can lead to depression.

According to Dr. Zey, “We will not text our way into notoriety, it comes down to the ability to communicate to a crowd verbally.” A fascinating look at communication trends w/ Dr. Zey on Self Talk Radio Show.

Dr. Michael G Zey is the author of the forthcoming "Re-Imagining the American Future" (Sunstone Press, 2018) and co-author of "Transhumanism and the Human Future" (Macmillan Books, 2018), as well as the already published “Ageless Nation” (New Horizons/Kensington/Taylor and Francis), “The Future Factor” (Transaction Publishers; McGraw-Hill hard cover), “Seizing the Future: The Dawn of the Macroindustrial Era” (Simon and Schuster, hardcover; Transaction Publishers/ Paperback) and The Mentor Connection (Dow Jones Irwin.).

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Guest Name: Dr. Michael Zey
Episode Number: 29
Episode Airdate: 03/15/2017

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