Episode: 23 - "Getting Into the Music Biz" with Jamie Lee Thurston

 08 December 2016

 Breaking into The Biz…

Jamie Lee Thurston has this hybrid sound of Van Halen meets Travis Tritt - a low baritone that booms with impossible hooks that stay in your head for weeks at a time. You can’t help but dance to “8 Day Clock,” or feel like you got kicked in the stomach with “Giving Up Breathing.” He captures the tormented soldier in “Ghosts in his Eyes,” which I had listeners ask me to stop playing because of the reference to cocaine in the first verse, until they REALLY sit down and listen to the lyrics. Invariably, they call me back apologetically and say, “Please - keep playing that song. EVERYBODY needs to hear it.”

I’ve had Jamie Lee on my radio show with WOKO numerous times in carefully timed 60-second increments,(that suddenly become uncarefully timed to 90 or 130 seconds…) however, we’ve never really had an opportunity to sit and have an actual conversation - until now. You’ll find lots of depth to his story and surprising turns and twists. He has a command of his career, a definite captain of his own ship and a generosity of his music giving back to organizations for veterans and others like “After the Track” with the horse he helped along pictured above. Jamie Lee Thurston signed to Warner Brother records, has fronted The Dixie Chicks, Brad Paisley and other notable artists. Jamie talks about how Spotify, Pandora and Youtube have changed the music business, his take on shows like "The Voice" and explains the shift from chasing success to allowing it.

Links to topics in the Conversation:

  • Sir Mashalot Country Mix that we discuss is HERE
  • After the Track, you can find HERE
  • Jamie Lee Thurston’s Fan Page is HERE

Guest Name: Jamie Lee Thurston
Episode Number: 23
Episode Airdate: 12/08/2016

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