Episode: 22 - "The Abundance Index" with Ed Lester

 17 November 2016

Keys to Abundance

It came across my newsfeed on Facebook at least 3 or 4 times, this little ad touting “57 Law of Attraction Tips for those serious about Abundance.” Hmm… I clicked. And whoa… loved the 57 tips, so I clicked more, paid $17 bucks for the 16 meditations and while some of the recording quality’s a bit lackluster, the content is top-notch. I have listened to all 16 recordings faithfully each morning and always glean something new and wonderful with each listen. $16 bucks well spent…

If you think manifesting what you want is hard, my guest, Ed Lester, founder of The Abundance Index, teaches thousands of Law of Attraction fans how to attract what you want, and how it's okay to NOT work on your weaknesses, but rather, focus energy on honing your natural talents and strengths. Hang onto your hat - he will challenge the way you think in such a wonderful way - Enjoy!

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Guest Name: Ed Lester
Episode Number: 22
Episode Airdate: 11/17/2016

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