Episode: 19 - "Road Pitch - How to Pitch to Venture Capitalists" with Cairn Cross

 06 October 2016

Shark Tank - Vermont-Style

Full disclosure here… I had the pleasure of pitching for Road Pitch twice, both times at Patricia Sears and Steve Mason’s Barn Pitch, and each time, while I didn’t win, I learned sooo much AND most importantly, I made invaluable connections to the movers and shakers of the 802. They roll in on motorcycles to the din of nervous entrepreneurs praying their widget, food item or app doesn’t fail after slide 1 of their carefully crafted PowerPoint. Cairn Cross, co-founder of Fresh Tracks Venture Capital and Founder of Road Pitch, gives some great tips on what investors look for when investing in a start-up business.

- How much do you ask for?

- Is it wise to discuss an exit strategy for your business?

- What's the #1 mistake entrepreneurs make when pitching and how to avoid it.

He made some very kind comments about my pitch for Vermont Chalky Paint, a non-toxic paint we are bringing to market. I hope this interview does not prove too self-indulgent, but rather is a candid lift-the-curtain look at the beginnings of a startup, what a venture capitalist is looking for and how YOU can be part of 2017 Road Pitch with your product or service. It’s a great community of investors who WANT to see you win. And if you don’t? They’re very patient and will wait for when the time is right for you and your company to step up to the next level. I had to edit this down to 15 minutes for the radio airwaves and each time I listened back, I gleaned another nugget of wisdom I’ll definitely put to good use for Vermont Chalky Paint. I hope you have the same listening experience.

Links to topics in the Conversation:

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  • Fresh Tracks Capital information HERE
  • Patricia Sears and Steve Mason’s NEKTI Consulting HERE

Guest Name: Cairn Cross
Episode Number: 19
Episode Airdate: 10/06/2016

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