Episode: 14 - "The UnAttorney" with Mark Perkell

 20 July 2016

A lifeless infant, the help of strangers and escape to freedom all have left their mark on this week’s guest, business attorney Mark Perkell, who prides himself on being the bridge between people who dare dream it and people who can make it happen in business.

A champion for non-profits like WBON, Healing Winds Vermont, The Josh Palotta Fund and countless small Vermont businesses, he has over 35 years as an attorney including experience as General Counsel to:

  • Athena Technology - an innovative technology startup,
  • CityNet - a unique fiber optic installation and network company,
  • Long Distance North - a fast track telecommunications company
  • He also is the former New England Regional Counsel and Senior Regulatory Attorney for Frontier Communications.

Whether starting a business or letting one go, Business Attorney Mark Perkell gives some great tips for newbie and seasoned business owners on how (and when…) to engage an attorney. Mark shares smart steps toward starting (and protecting) your own business. Learn how to find money for your business, what investors REALLY want and when it's safe to quit your day job. If you’re an entrepreneurial spirit, I hope you’ll find inspiration from Mark.

Links to topics in the Conversation:

  • Contact Mark Perkell for legal advice HERE
  • Free business advice from SCORE HERE

Guest Name: Mark Perkell
Episode Number: 14
Episode Airdate: 07/20/2016

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