Episode: 12 - "Horse Talk - Your Turning Point Coaching" with Amy Todisco

 06 June 2016

 Amy has long been a champion of green living, sounding the clarion call for alerting consumers to the toxins in our cleaning products. Her coaching has evolved to encompass not just mindfulness in our cleaning products, but a whole-health approach from what we eat to how we interact.

Her company, Your Turning Point Coaching, offers 5-day retreats for women who seek help with transitions, change, and wanting a better way of being in the world. Amy combines mindfulness with healthy living and communication skills using the gifts from the garden to the horse’s mouth.

Links to topics in the Conversation:

  • Amy discusses the powerful aha moments clients have working with horses. Take a peek at her blog here:
  • Need a week to explore your turning point? Retreats details are here:
  • Horse coaching with Monty Roberts you can explore here

Guest Name: Amy Todisco
Episode Number: 12
Episode Airdate: 06/06/2016

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