Episode: 10 - "Bikram Yoga - Sweatin' it Out" with Erin Krilivsky

 03 June 2016

 I saw a friend at a BBQ recently talking about experiencing for the first time her mind going blank - blissful, total - blankness. No grocery list, no social media mindlessness; 90 minutes to allow the hamster running on the wheel of your brain an hour to jump off and take a break.

It doesn’t involve impossible positions, but it does activate a different part of your brain that releases all those toxins you’ve built up over a busy week (or month, or lifetime…) Erin Krilivsky talks about how she discovered Bikram Yoga in her own time of turbulence in life. She talks about how it helps with stress, depression, even addiction. Each of the 26 poses has a specific purpose and meaning. Yes, sweat is involved (the room is 105 degrees…) And mirrors. (Lots of mirrors…) but if you need a way to release a week of toxins building up in your brain and body, 60-90 minutes of sweating it all out might be worth it. My friend at the BBQ swears by it - what do you think?

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  • Erin Krilivsky’s website, Bikram Yoga Williston HERE

Guest Name: Erin Krilivsky
Episode Number: 10
Episode Airdate: 06/03/2016

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