Episode: 9 - "Mending the Heart" with Morella Devost

 24 May 2016

 When I first met Morella, I didn’t know she was from Venezuela. I never heard a hint of an accent, never questioned where she came from until I met her mom at a party a few years back. They hadn’t seen each other in a year - and her mom was going to be heading back to Venezuela - without her daughter. I could see the heartbreak for both of them. I wanted to ask her about it, however, the right place or time never came to broach the subject, until now. I asked about the heartbreak of not being able to easily return to your homeland and her poignant answer moved me, as I hope it’ll move you. Her journey heartbreak inspired her to co-create a 3-day workshop on Mending the Heart:

“Our deepest buried feelings and memories have a great effect on the body. They show up in symptoms, chronic health issues, destructive habits and puzzling emotional reactions.” - Morella Devost

Morella will lead this 3-day workshop in April that has a 3-prong approach to helping mend the heart through mind, body and spirit. If you:

  • Have long-standing hurts from a particular memory or relationship.
  • Still wish it had never happened.
  • Don’t want the memory to affect your life but the fact that you’d rather not talk about it makes you realize that there’s an unresolved issue there.
  • Feel resentful towards someone or some event.
  • Sense that past hurts may be affecting your health.
  • Done therapy or self-help but you’re still not where you want to be.

Links to topics in the Conversation:

  • Info on Morella’s workshop, Mending the Heart is here:
  • We talked about the food crisis in Venezuela, more on that here:

Guest Name: Morella Devost
Episode Number: 9
Episode Airdate: 05/24/2016

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