Episode: 4 - "The REAL Ghostbuster" with Sam Black

 25 March 2016

 As a self-professed Type A personality, I could relate to Sam (as I feel many women will hearing this story…) on wearing many hats, taking care of everyone else and putting our own needs last. Sometimes, life puts on the brakes…

Sam Black had a career in Child Protective Services, five kids and a husband giving her a full plate. A tragic car accident with an ironic twist left her rethinking her life and focusing on forgiveness. Once she was able to let go of the anger, her world opened up for her to found Grounded Roots Wellness. As a Certified Psychic Medium, Sam helps others move spirits from homes (and hearts…) Meet The Real Ghostbuster, Sam Black, on Self Talk Radio Show.

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Guest Name: Sam Black
Episode Number: 4
Episode Airdate: 03/25/2016

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