Episode: 3 - "Out of Control? Try PSYCH-K" with Karen McKy

 12 April 2016

 I stumbled across PSYCH-K® after researching Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work on the “Biology of Belief.” Lipton works on sharing the science of our thoughts and beliefs affecting our biology. Rob Williams, founder of PSYCH-K® shows us how to make those changes take place. My guest, Karen , an Internationally Certified PSYCH-K® instructor, explains how this approach can rapidly change your life. “They truly were the missing piece for each other when they met in 1990. Bruce had the science but didn't know how to help people make the changes. Rob had the methodology but didn't have any science to back it up. When they met, the world changed that moment. We're now experiencing the beautiful and exponential compounding of that meeting.”

If you feel:

  • Your life’s out of control
  • You don’t know how to change what’s going on
  • You can’t “get over it” - grief, job loss, relationships

Then this is the show for you! If you know you have a broken program running in your mind, but you feel powerless to change it, Karen assures us there are ways to fix that program that don’t take years, but minutes to fix; sometimes as quickly as you’d fix a spelling error on a Word document. Karen McKy discusses the Psych-K model, how it differs from hypnosis and how fast changes can be made to help you arrive at a peaceful state of mind.

Links to topics in the Conversation:

Subconscious Change 

Calendar of Events 

Bruce Lipton Link on The Biology of Perception Video 

Rob Williams The Psychology of Change Video 
(shows Rob doing demo with muscle testing) 

International Journal of Management and Business (125 subjects with Brain Mapping using PSYCH-K change processes and the results from the study) 

This particular journal published the entire unabridged article co-authored by Rob Williams and Dr. Jeffrey Fannin (neuroscientist) It was also published in an abridged version in the scientific journal Neuro Connections. Both are available on my website at: http://subconsciouschange.com/resources/psych-k-articles/

Guest Name: Karen McKy
Episode Number: 3
Episode Airdate: 04/12/2016

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