Episode: 78 - "The Powerful Patient" with Robin FarmanFarmian

 23 June 2019


The Thought Leader Formula is her second book highlighting her Her 5-step plan to helping package speakers. Some highlights from our conversation:

  •  She went from being bed-ridden, to a best-selling author to now, an entrepreneur poised to impact 100M patients via Angel Investing. 
  •  How she overcame gender-bias in Silicon Valley and her reaction to the #MeToo movement is powerful and effective.
  • Her opinion on vaccines. 

Robin also talks about her own thoughts on the #MeToo movement and really focuses more on #NowWhat. She's a mover and a shaker and is a prime example of what happens when you refuse to take no or can't for an answer. Get ready to be truly inspired.

Guest Name: Robin FarmanFarmian
Episode Number: 78
Episode Airdate: 06/23/2019

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Robin offers her new book,"Thought Leader Formula" for FREE! Check out her TEDxTalk and learn how you can work with Robin FF here:

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