Julia Seraphine on Self Talk Radio Show

Instagram Influencer

Episode No: 110
Guest Name: Julia Seraphine
Episode Airdate: May 25th 2020

How long does it take to become an influencer on Instagram? My next guest tells how she became an Instagram influencer in under a year and how you can too! Please welcome Julia Seraphine to STRS.

Kip Brooks on Self Talk Radio Show

Hypnosis and NLP

Episode No: 109
Guest Name: Kip Brooks
Episode Airdate: May 18th 2020

Hypnosis has been used to produce long-lasting change since 1843. My next guest says hypnosis is not:
- Being asleep
- Being unconscious
- Being gullible
- Being weak-minded
- Being controlled by someone else
So what is it? Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and founder of the Brooks Empowerment Academy, Kip Brooks, tells us more on STRS.

Chantal Gerardy on Self Talk Radio Show

Facebook Success

Episode No: 108
Guest Name: Chantal Gerardy
Episode Airdate: May 11th 2020

Imagine starting a new business in a new country knowing no one and also raising 3 kids under 5. Could YOU make it happen? My guest unveils how she used Facebook 20 minutes a day to grow her award-winning international business and how you can to. Chantal Gerardy, international FB business expert on Self Talk Radio Show.

Cathleen Elle on Self Talk Radio Show

Past the Pain

Episode No: 107
Guest Name: Cathleen L
Episode Airdate: May 4th 2020

Feeling out-of-control? Fearful by what's happening in the world? My next guest has addressed world leaders in the Israeli Government and Brazilian Parliament on women and minorities serving govt. Her life's work drastically refocused after her teenage son died by suicide. Can you move from being shattered to living a life of joy? My next guest says emphatically yes. Please welcome Cathleen Elle to Self Talk Radio Show.

Christine Miller on Self Talk Radio Show

Virtual Sales Team

Episode No: 106
Guest Name: Christine Miller
Episode Airdate: April 27th 2020

What if a small business or startup needs sales help, but they don't have a sales manager or sales team (or even a brick-and-mortar) in place? Is a Virtual Sales Team a sound idea?

Kamini Wood on Self Talk Radio Show

People Pleasing Burnout

Episode No: 104
Guest Name: Kamini Wood
Episode Airdate: April 9th 2020

Where do you draw the line between people-pleasing and me-first selfishness? Board-certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, trained in conscious parenting and conscious uncoupling, my next guest is an expert at getting to the core of this destructive behavior and helping people rise up to their authentic self. Please welcome Kamini Wood

Armando Fierro - Acknowledging the Shadow on Self Talk Radio Show

Acknowledging the Shadow

Episode No: 103
Guest Name: Armando Fierro
Episode Airdate: March 30th 2020

Feeling angry? Anxious? Not sure what to do with your feelings? My next guest is a combat veteran trained in clinical psychology and hypnotherapy. He climbed his way out of PTS to develop a process known as "Acknowledging the Shadow," or ATS to help process anger, anxiety and other emotions that inhibit growth. Please welcome the founder of ATS, Armando Fierro to Self Talk Radio Show.

Sharon Lechter on Self Talk Radio Show

Personal Success Equation

Episode No: 102
Guest Name: Sharon Lechter
Episode Airdate: March 23rd 2020

Is there such a thing as a personal success equation? As co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, co-founder of the Rich Dad company, creator of Think and Grow Rich for Women, she's worked with both President Bush and President Obama on the President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy  and the Play Big Movement. Hang on until the end because you won't believe the generous offer Sharon has for our "selfie" tribe.  SERIOUSLY! Please welcome Sharon Lechter to Self Talk Radio Show.

John Edward Self Talk Radio Show performing in Burlington April 23, 2020

End of Days?

Episode No: 101
Guest Name: John Edward
Episode Airdate: March 16th 2020

With Coronavirus, the fires in Australia, locusts in Africa, is this really end times? Some calm, wise words from my guest, John Edward.

Dr. Steve Taubman on Self Talk Radio Show


Episode No: 100
Guest Name: Dr. Steve Taubman
Episode Airdate: March 9th 2020

What if everything that bugged you, blocked you or brought you down... DIDN'T? 

Julie Keys author Manscript


Episode No: 99
Guest Name: Julia Keys
Episode Airdate: March 2nd 2020

Have you suspected your partner might be cheating on you? Are there scripts for cheating and self-defeating behaviors?

Wendi Friesen on Self Talk Radio Show

Addiction Freedom

Episode No: 98
Guest Name: Wendi Friesen
Episode Airdate: February 24th 2020

She is an authority on addiction and offers the Freedom from Addiction program. She's a master on how to make rapid and massive change in your mind, body and spiritual life. Specializing in addiction work, she uses hypnotherapy and NLP to transform the way drug and alcohol addiction is treated. Please welcome Wendi Friesen to STRS.

Jonathan George - The Human Hitmaker on Self Talk Radio Show

Human Hitmaker

Episode No: 97
Guest Name: Jonathan George
Episode Airdate: February 16th 2020

Do you sometimes feel moments of greatness and then fall flat? Jonathan George is known as "The Human Hitmaker" for his ability to see people's untapped potential, his methods for pulling that potential to the surface, and his ability to cultivate it into greatness.

Laleh Hancock on Self Talk Radio Show

Fortune 500 Women's Coach

Episode No: 96
Guest Name: Laleh Hancock
Episode Airdate: February 9th 2020

Being a Leader of Today - She's been featured alongside luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey and Melinda Gates in the 2019 publication, "America’s Leading Ladies: Stories of courage, challenge and triumph."

Rebecca Hulse Self Talk Radio Show

Money for Milennials

Episode No: 95
Guest Name: Rebecca Hulse
Episode Airdate: February 3rd 2020

Rebecca Hulse has had enough of the Millennial/Baby Boomer debate dominating the headlines and hastags. At 27, she's been earning six figures for the last few years and believes the endless comparisons between generations is not doing either party any good.