A Man, A Mule  &  A Mission:
Uncovering America by Solar Wagon

There are those 2 AM aimless Facebook scrolls I do on occasion (okay, more than I like to admit…) that sometimes uncover real gold… this is one of those deals.  I ran across the documentary trailer of Bernie Harberts, his mule, Polly, and “The Lost Sea Expedition.” He had me at hello…

Bernie has done what many of us wish we could do - slowed down long enough to observe a sped-up world from the vantage point of a 21 square foot solar-powered wagon. Armed with modest camera equipment, he filmed what he lived: tumbleweed gales, snow storms, the highs of Badlands Blue and the lows of Prairie Fever. He lived with the people of the Great Plains and recorded their thoughts on film. That footage and those insights became the Lost Sea Expedition series.

In our chat, he discusses some surprises he found out on the Great Plains - where farmland is plentiful, but people? Not so much. He shares what he uncovered about a wide variety of people and points of view. If you’ve been discouraged by the raging storm of dividing opinions - you can take solace in what Bernie’s experienced first-hand: we’re still a very United America.

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Lost Sea Expedition

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